Final Leg!

Relieved, apprehensive, expectant, happy and hopeful! The EDS 103 journey is one riddled with uncertainty, uneasiness, discomfort but thoughtful and reflective. We started out confused with the requirements. I am not sure if the instructions were vague or if our brains were half fried from all the reading and analysis 🙂 I have always been... Continue Reading →


Module 7: Successful Learning

Module 7 is the culmination of the past modules we have tackled. As a future educator and always will be a learner, this module puts emphasis on the fact the educators must always learn. Educators must always move forward and must always put in effort to learn, understand and educate. "Whether you think that you... Continue Reading →

Module 5. Cognitive Theories of Learning

This module provided further clarity in identifying applicable theories of learning. This module enabled me to label certain behaviour as cognitive behaviours and consequently utilise applicable methods of learning depending on the learners current status. The topic on allocating attention was especially helpful to me because this enabled me to identify possible peaks and dips... Continue Reading →


EDS 103 is proving to uncomfortable in the realization that the theories we have so relied today was formulated and tested using experiments. Badurra's bobo doll experiment is disconcerting to say the least. When children are subjected to experiments to test their reactions and gauge the plausibility of a theory, a long term effect on... Continue Reading →

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